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JMC Corded Headset Pigtail for 2018-2024 Honda Gold Wing GL1833
JMC Corded Headset Pigtail for 2018-2024 Honda Gold Wing GL1833

JMC Corded Headset Pigtail for 2018-2024 Honda Gold Wing GL1833

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Part Number:HSPT-GL1833
This custom-made plug-n-play headset pigtail connects to the stock audio system (under the rear portion of the seat) on all 2018-2024 Honda Gold Wings.

This allows connection of a J&M “CORDED” helmet headset into the stock system, to provide all of the normal system functions, including stereo music, nav commands, cell phone integration and talk function on the cell phone, WITHOUT the need to link a Bluetooth headset into the system.

This pigtail incorporates a 6-pin din jack for the headset connection.

If using a J&M Elite or Performance series headset with the Z-Series or P-Series UPPER cords, the J&M LOWER section cord to use with the HSPT-GL1833 would be J&M part# HC-ZJM (Z-Series) or HC-PJM (P-Series).

Special Note: Installation of this corded headset pigtail will NOT affect in any way your ability to link a Bluetooth headset into the Gold Wing’s audio system.

Install & Usage Notes by: John Lazzeroni

Wow, unbolt and remove the seat, plug-in the harness, run the headset jack to the desired location and then re-install the seat ,,, easy as pie.

What a pleasure it was to ride down the highway with my corded J&M headset plugged into our 2021 Gold Wing’s audio system, enjoying ALL of the system functions, along with superior audio quality compared to most Bluetooth headsets.

It was an almost stunning experience for me, as the Honda system transitioned flawlessly from stereo music, to talking on the linked cell phone, to hearing the navigation commands and communicating on the CB radio, all without the delays, noises and other issues that come into play when using Bluetooth headsets.

I was even able to switch the music and CB audio to the external speakers, and still answer and talk on the cell phone and/or the CB radio, using the handlebar controls, all thru my corded headset.

Obviously, Honda had corded headsets in mind with they designed the new audio system for the 2018+ Gold Wings.

WHY they did not follow thru, prior to the initial release and offer this simple option to those who would purchase the new Wing, is an absolute mystery to me.

J&M will now work on a driver/passenger corded headset solution with intercom, for the 2018-2024 Wings, which does NOT involve Bluetooth, for those riders who would rather use corded headsets and skip the battery charging and other hassles.