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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Site Questions

I'm concerned about the your use of cookies and my privacy. Why do you use them and what for?
A cookie is a small file that our site stores on your machine. We use them only to store items in your shopping cart. We don't store any personal information in the cookie, nor do we allow any other sites to read them. Your cart contents will remain for 10 days, or until you check out or clear it. Because there are so many browsers around the world, we've tried to keep our site simple so everybody can use it. The cookie cart does not compromise security or privacy. See the next question for info on enabling cookies.

When I click on an item, I get moved to the headsets page, and nothing goes in the cart. What's going on?
If you are using Internet Explorer and you have your security set to HIGH, you have disabled virtually all javascript and cookies. You can still browse the site but you'll have to reduce your security to MEDIUM, and enable cookies to shop the site. You may phone or fax your order if you wish. You can also override your high security by allowing cookies from "".

  • For IE users these settings are found on the "Tools|Internet Options|Privacy" menu.
  • Netscape users can find these settings under "Edit|Preferences|Privacy & Security|Cookies" top

I put an item in my cart, but it doesn't show up. What's wrong?
Check to see if your browser is set up to accept cookies. We store our shopping cart in a cookie on your machine. (We promise nothing bad will happen!) If you have cookies disabled, the site will show items have been added, but your cart will be empty at checkout time. Check your browser settings or help file for more on cookies.

How do I change an item already in the cart?
Go to the menu bar at the top. Click on "CART". When the cart display appears you can change the quantity then press "UPDATE CART". To delete an item, check the "CLR" box and press "UPDATE CART". Setting the quantity to zero won't delete the item.

How come returning customers have to reenter a credit card?
We process all credit cards in our offices. Your credit card information is only on the web server long enough for us to download your order. We feel the inconvenience is balanced out by the security of not having your payment information stored on line. If you are a dealer, call us and we'll set something up to make your life easier.

Company Questions

Who is J&M Corporation?
J&M Corporation was formed in 1978 by John Lazzeroni and Melinda Carevich to meet the recreational audio needs of motorcycle riders. From modest beginnings on the kitchen table, the company has grown to become a world wide manufacturer of mobile audio gear and motorcycle accessories. John and Melinda have been awarded many U.S. patents for designs of headsets, microphones, and integrated audio gear. J&M is privately owned with manufacturing and distribution centers located in Tucson, Arizona. J&M manufactures it's own line of retail products as well as original equipment accessories for other manufacturers.

Is it better to buy direct from J&M than from a dealer?
As far as price goes, no. Our dealers are our partners. They offer sound advice, service, and installation. Some of our original equipment gear can only be purchased through dealers. If your dealer doesn't stock an item, or it's easier to order direct, we'll be happy to fill your order from the factory.

What is your warranty? Return Policy?
Two years on most products. Read our TERMS page for complete warranty information, our order process, and return policy.

I already have some J&M gear. Will your new products work with the products I already have?
The answer is "most of the time". We do everything we can to make our new products work with our older ones. We do carry some specialized cords and connectors for that purpose. Sometimes we just can't make things work. (Did you think you'd have an MP3 player five years ago? Neither did we!) The best thing to do is ask. We'll do our best to make it happen.

Is every J&M product on the website?
For the most part, yes. We try to keep all of our retail products on the site. We do have a small "special stash" of older cords and parts. We also make some to order for special needs. If your J&M gear came with your bike, we may be obligated to work through a dealer. We also have contacts for people who stock older helmets, and who do custom work. If you have ANY question about mobile audio, ask us. We'll do our best to get you on the road. top

Are the website "Available" notices accurate?
We try to update them daily. Since we have an extensive distributor network, we sometimes get a large order that will deplete our inventory. Sometimes we get a rush on a product. Manufacturing also finishes large batches so products come back in stock. We try to keep up, but all products are subject to prior sales. top