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Elite Series Headsets

Introducing the NEW elite 801 series helmet headsets ,,,, THE VERY BEST performing helmet headsets available!

  • Hi-Intensity Mount-In-Helmet Speakers in both 40 & 45mm sizes.
  • Extra Hi-Output AeroMike® VI Re-Tuned for the Latest VOX Activated Motorcycle Audio Systems.
  • Ultra-Durable Z-Series Upper-Section Cord.
  • Easy Connection To All Factory Audio Systems Using Correct Lower-Section Cord.
  • Proudly Made-In-The-USA.

With the new elite 801 series helmet headsets, we have specifically re-tuned the gain/sensitivity circuits of the AeroMike® VI for further improvements to the VOX intercom operation for audio systems like you will find on the 2006-2018 Harley Ultras, when compared to our previous 787 series headsets. (New #HC-ZYH lower-section cord required to take advantage of these improvements on the Harleys)

This re-tuning has been accomplished WITHOUT affecting the already outstanding performance provided, when connected to audio systems like you will find on the Honda Gold Wing. (Current #HC-ZB lower-section cord to be used for all 1980-2017 Honda audio systems)

When communicating on your cell phone or transmitting over a 40-channel CB radio with the new Aeromike VI, output modulation, voice clarity and signal strength is superior to any other helmet mounted microphone available.

NEW Elite 801 Series Headset Features

  1. Two hi-intensity helmet speaker designs from J&M combine a better frequency response curve with higher volume levels to provide crystal-clear distortion free sound, even at highway speeds. These hi-intensity speakers are available in 2 sizes, both 40mm ultra-slim & 45mm large diameter custom, for installation into most motorcycle helmets available in the marketplace today.
  2. Extra hi-output Aeromike® VI, this latest version provides the very best combination of wind & ambient noise cancellation with an even stronger output signal in the human voice frequency range, when compared to previous versions of J&M’s AeroMike microphones.
  3. Our Z-series connection cords are molded using the highest grade copper wire available, together with all stainless steel pins, to provide 5-10 year durability in the motorcycle riding environment. The UPPER Section cord (only) is included with all elite 801 headsets, allowing the rider to choose the correct lower-section hook-up cord applicable to their particular motorcycle audio system.
  4. The new Elite 801 series integrated headsets are also available from J&M, custom installed at our factory in Tucson, into the HJC-IS-MAX-2 & IS-33, the Nolan X-1004, N104 Absolute & N40, the Arai CT-Z & Signet-Q, and the Vega Carbon-Fiber shorty style helmets. The on-highway acoustical performance of these exclusive J&M helmet/headset combinations is absolutely THE BEST the industry has to offer.
  5. All elite 801 series headsets are Made-In-The-USA at our factory in Tucson Arizona, from both domestic and foreign raw materials. Our dedicated employees, some of which have been with J&M more than 36 years, ensure the highest standards of quality control during the assembly and final testing stages of production.

When you purchase a J&M brand helmet headset, you can be assured that it is THE FINEST helmet headset available anywhere, from anyone ,,, you have our name on it!

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