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BT-04 Headset Software
Update Instructions
Win 10 - Google Chrome

This latest v00.2.4 software update has addressed the headset’s ability to remember the last volume setting for the CB radio, along with the on/off linking issues with the current Honda audio system software on the 2018-2021 Gold Wing. (Latest "How-To-Link" Video for the new Wing here )

Now the user will be able to adjust the BT04 headset volume to CB radio maximum while actually receiving a CB transmission or static signal (un-squelched) and the headset will remember this maximum volume setting when using the CB radio. Once this headset volume setting is adjusted for the CB radio on the new Wing, all further CB radio volume adjustments are to made from the handlebar controls only.

When linked to the BluHub Dongle44 or the 2018-2021 GL1833 audio system, the signal to the headset will be in full aptX digital stereo, at the maximum volume setting on the headset, without the need to make this headset volume adjustments manually and all further music volume adjustments are made with the motorcycle handlebar volume control.

When linking to the Harley® WHIM dongle, the BT04 headset will stream mono music from the WHIM while providing all functions of the intercom, cell phone, GPS commands and CB radio thru the Harley Infotainment audio systems.

This latest version 2.4 update also maintains the full stereo operation with the audio systems on the Can-Am Spyder and Indian Ride-Command.

An all new BT04 VOICE prompt package has also been included.

J&M BT-04/BT-03+ Bluetooth® Helmet HEADSET Software Update -- [v00.2.4 – 04-15-2021]

  1. Single click on the "File Above".
  2. ON bottom selection BAR single click on " ^" then "Open".
  3. Double click on "dfu-bluhub.exe".
  4. Single click on "Extract All".
  5. Then single click "Extract". (((if destination folder already contains "C: J&M Bluetooth Helmet Headset Update", single click "YES", single click "Replace the files in destination" )))
  6. Then Double click on "dfu-bluhub.exe", (If Windows info screen asks permission to RUN single click "RUN").
  7. If antivirus info screen asks for your permission also, single click "RUN this program anyway".
  8. Single click upper right-hand corner "Red-X"
  9. Follow instructions on firmware "Update Tool"
  10. Single click on "Update".
  11. Wait and watch program "Update Progress to 100%".
  12. Single click on "Exit" at which point headset update programming is complete.
  13. Unplug the headset from the computer.
  14. This is a very significant update to the J&M BT04/BT03+ Bluetooth headset, so before turning the headset back on, first CLEAR the BT04 headset out of your CELL-PHONE Bluetooth memory (forget device) and/or clear out of the memory on the GL1833 audio system.
  15. Then turn on the headset & hold down on the multifunction button until the headset is in pairing mode (flashing red/blue).
  16. Then hold down simultaneously on the volume-UP & multifunction buttons together until the headset shuts OFF, at which time all previous memory of linked devices will be cleared.
  17. Then turn the headset back on, along with your GL1833 or cell-phone Bluetooth, put the headset into pairing mode and have the cell phone look for devices.
  18. When your GL1833 or your cell phone finds the "JMCORP_BT04 headset, initiate pairing.
  19. If you are also using a J&M BluHub dongle44, follow the driver/passenger linking instructions included with the dongle.