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DSP Software Program Downloads
for ROKKER® XXRP 800 WATT 4-CH Amplifiers Connected to 2014-2022 Harley® Infotainment (Boombox) Radio W/J&M Corporation Custom Audio "FLASH" & J&M No-Band RCA Input Harnesses.

NEW Download! 2018
DSP Software
Download Instructions
for Windows 7/8

NEW Download! 2018
DSP Software
Download Instructions
for Windows 10

The following is a list of the current programs available for the exciting J&M ROKKER XXRP 800w High-Power DSP controlled audio amplifiers OR 800W ROKKER EXTREME Speaker/Amplifier kits with J&M NO-BAND (NON-GREEN-BAND) RCA input harnesses.

The latest Stage5 ROKKER DSP amplifier programs will provide significantly more on-highway volume and overall music clarity, than our previous DSP programs.

To be used with the 2014-2021 Harley Infotainment BoomBox Radios ((GTS/6.5GT/4.3std)) that have BEEN FLASHED as “J&M Corporation Custom Audio FLASH” Condition.

The J&M Custom Audio Harley Radio Flash can be programmed using the TECHNO-RESEARCH or Diag-4-Bike digital technician consoles (see video below).

You can also ship your Harley radio direct to J&M Corporation for this J&M Custom Audio Flash ,,, J&M Corp, 1415 S. Cherry Ave., Tucson AZ 85713. ($75 fee for this custom Harley radio flash plus return shipping costs).

Prior to choosing and installing the specific DSP program for your J&M ROKKER XXRP 800w amplifier, please download and/or print the download instructions as contained in the .pdf files below.

Should you have any questions about the specific programs or have any difficulty during the download process, you may send an email direct to [email protected] for assistance.

Special programming note: Using an incorrect DSP program which causes the amplifier to overdrive the speakers to extremely high volume and/or distortion levels, can permanently damage the speakers.