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J&M ROKKER™ XT Dual 7.25” Harley Saddlebag Sub-Woofer Speaker kit

# HSWR-7252-XTC

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Pre-Order Only. Est Ship Date: 09/20/2017

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J&M's ROKKER™ XT series ---- Blow away those overly-heavy, inefficient bracket-breakin 6.5's !,,,

J&M's NEW ROKKER XT series 7 ¼" round sub-woofers are large diameter dedicated low-frequency speakers, with cone volume and mass comparable to a 6X9" speaker.

Spec'd at 2 ohms impedance, 40-3khz frequency response and 200 watts max power, these new J&M subs provide the ultimate in bass response & low-frequency audio power.

This custom kit allows these new J&M sub-woofers to be mounted down into the rear portion of the stock Harley saddlebags, while leaving more than 75% of the saddlebag storage area available for normal luggage.

Features of this new J&M ROKKER XT series dual-subwoofer kit are:

** Waterproof mylar/polycarbonate woofer cone.

** High-flux strength but lite-weight dual-donut Neodymium magnet.

** High efficiency VENTED voice-coil for improved cooling when operating at high volume levels for extended periods.

** Custom designed grillwork for mounting in the rear saddlebag position, with mounting spacers, weatherproof gasket seals & protective rear luggage cowl.

These new J&M ROKKER XT series sub-woofers are designed to be connected to the rear channels of our 500w 4-channel ROKKER amplifier, which is then switched into LOW-FREQ mode, with proper cross-over frequency & gain adjustments.

You won't be disappointed.



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